Stephen Spelman

Co-founder, author and moderator at Prostate Prognosis

Raising awareness and early detection of Prostate Cancer

Honed realisation of the entire prostate patient journey whilst working at the Birmingham Prostate Clinic; the practice of renowned consultant urologist Mr Alan Doherty MBBS BSc FRCS(Urol) MD, whilst under the management of Dr Richard Newland. In addition to actively supporting prostate awareness and events I have edited numerous health and medical articles.

With prostate cancer affecting one in eight men in the UK, a number that is anticipated to rise by the turn of the decade, was established as a trustworthy patient source of knowledge, community support and feedback for prostate cancer pathways, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostatitis.

I am a volunteer for Prostate Cancer UK and as an avid runner, I have participated in many fundraising events for Prostate Cancer, Cancer Research and more recently Motor neurone disease (MND) after watching my dear late brother, Peter, suffer from this truly devastating disease. As an advocate of prostate cancer awareness, I actively promote understanding, early detection, and support for individuals affected by prostate cancer.

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Stephen Spelman

My aims are to;

  • Raise awareness about prostate cancer. Share statistics, risk factors, and the importance of regular screenings to encourage early detection.
  • Highlight the challenges faced and the importance of support throughout the journey.
  • Encourage men to prioritise their health by promoting prostate cancer screening initiatives.
  • Do all I can to promote increased funding for prostate cancer research. Highlighting where possible, the need for advancements in early detection methods, treatment options and support services.
  • Collaborate with established prostate cancer organisations and foundations to amplify their advocacy efforts. Participate where feasible in their initiatives and awareness campaigns to maximise their impact.
  • Connect individuals diagnosed with prostate cancer and their families to relevant support resources.
  • Seek partnerships with healthcare professionals, researchers, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders to work collectively towards improving prostate cancer awareness, research, and support.
  • Participate in fundraising events (or my friends) to support prostate cancer research, awareness campaigns, and support programs.
Peak District Challenger for Prostate Cancer UK
Peak District Challenger for Prostate Cancer UK
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Run North West Charity 10k
Stephen Spelman finishing the Run North West charity race, looking very tired!
The Finish! Run North West 10k. Looking very tired

Stephen Spelman

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