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Clinicians and lay volunteers

We have volunteers made up of clinical and non-clinical people. They all contribute so much to help beat prostate cancer that affects so many people, their friends and extended family. You don’t have to be a doctor; you can help by sharing your story. You can write articles and post material that you think would benefit other people who may be in a similar situation, this can be in a clinical or non-clinical capacity. All we ask is that information should be verifiable, where applicable and be helpful to others.

We are also looking for moderators to police people’s comments and to help raise awareness via links, signposting and social media likes and follows. Alternatively, if you want to get out-and-about you can volunteer at a Prostate Cancer UK event, marshalling, cheering and collecting donations. Don’t forget you can participate in a fundraising event from attending a coffee morning to running the three peaks challenge!

Cancer can be an emotionally challenging experience. By volunteering you can feel good about yourself, give something back to the community, make friends, share your expertise and boost your CV. The list goes on. One thing for sure is you’ll be in good company with some fabulous people.

Volunteer as a clinician

Professional clinicians are the backbone of healthcare in our country, either within the NHS or private practice you can make a life-changing difference to people, who’ll benefit from your skills and expertise. If you’re a doctor, specialist nurse, urologist, oncologist or psychologist we really would love to hear from you and we will do all we can to raise your profile.

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Stephen Spelman
Co-founder of Prostate Prognosis and volunteer at Prostate Cancer UK

Volunteer at Prostate Cancer UK