Why become a volunteer for Prostate Cancer UK?

Becoming a volunteer for Prostate Cancer UK can be a truly meaningful way to contribute to raising awareness, support patients and their friends and fund research in Prostate Cancer research. You may have personal experiences related to prostate cancer, such as having a family member or friend affected by the disease and may choose to volunteer to give back or make a positive impact.

Ways to help

  1. Help cheer and marshal local funding events
  2. Raise awareness in your local community or workplace
  3. Participate in a local run or cycling event
  4. Play for Prostate FC
  5. Share your story with Prostate Cancer UK

Volunteer at Prostate Cancer UK

Benefits of becoming a Volunteer

  • Volunteering gives the opportunity to advocate for increased funding for research, improved healthcare policies, and better access to screenings and treatment for prostate cancer patients.
  • Many people choose to volunteer to help spread awareness about the importance of early detection, regular screenings, and understanding risk factors associated with prostate cancer.
  • Many people are unaware of the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment options related to prostate cancer. You could help educate the public by organising seminars, workshops, and distributing informational materials.
  • Some people may contribute directly to prostate cancer research by participating in clinical trials or assisting researchers in data collection and analysis.
  • Volunteering can offer valuable experience and skills development, which can be particularly relevant for individuals interested in healthcare, non-profit work, public health, or community outreach.
  • You help can provide emotional support to patients and their families by offering a listening ear, sharing information, and connecting them to appropriate resources, clinical, financial or emotional.
  • Helping within the Prostate Cancer UK community allows individuals to connect with others who share similar interests and concerns, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.
  • You will help play a crucial role in fundraising efforts to support prostate cancer research, treatment, and patient support programs.

Overall, YOU can make a real difference and make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by prostate cancer, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

Get in touch with our Prostate Cancer UK Volunteer Engagement Team? Email us.

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