Penis Vacuum Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction treatment options

The effective treatment options available for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) today, include hormone therapy, medication, penile injections and inflatable penile implants; penis vacuum pumps are a safe method of ED treatment (that also avoid the use of medication) that have helped many patients to restore a satisfactory sex life. Penis pumps are readily available online or from pharmacies.

Penis Vacuum Pumps

Consisting of just a pump, a seal ring and a tube, penis pump devices are designed to stimulate penile blood flow and to produce an erection. The tube is inserted into the penis and the pump used to remove air from the tube surrounding the penis; this typically produces an erection (within minutes), which is then maintained using the seal ring, positioned at the base of the penis.

Penis vaccum pump for erectile dysfunction
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Model variations

There are numerous models of penis pump readily available (some only by prescription) which offer varying benefits such as a selection of bands, either hand or battery operated pumps, tubes and other accessories that can ease the process; these can include varying applicators, carry cases, lubricants, manuals, protective shields, seal rings or sizing guides.

Associated risks

Although patients diagnosed with ED often have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, penis pump studies reflect a success rate of up to 95%¹, but patients could suffer from the minor complications sometimes caused when using a penis pump; these include ejaculate becoming trapped, penile numbness or penile rotation (at the base of the penis).

Expected results

Because penis pumps safely enlarge the whole of the penis, the erections produced (safely) will probably differ from natural ones. Although successful, satisfaction levels can diminish due to aspects such as: erectile bending or buckling during sex, the impracticality and invasiveness of use, and the fact that cold erections are understandably seen as unnatural… and unappealing.

What else should I know?

Firstly, penis pumps don’t increase penis size (as is often believed) and to avoid injury, erections mustn’t last longer than half an hour. In some instances, where the penis pump has been prescribed, the costs incurred could be covered by your insurance company. Either manual dexterity or a willing partner is typically required to apply and operate the penis pump successfully.

¹ Cleveland Clinic Endocrinology, Bibliography ;33, 11 November 2020

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